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The choices of humanity are made through the stars

Astrology, a category that is now mistreated by most of the mass as the classic horoscope of Branko or Paolo Fox, but in reality it is not so.

Because since always, from the origins of man, since the times of the ancient Egyptians, the Mayans of the Aztecs, Etruscans, Maori, in any village or culture, both tribal and modern, man’s choices, both for good and for bad, were chosen and taken from the stars, but above all from the “astral conjunctions”.

Astral conjunctions that allowed the Maya to elaborate their calendar based on the trend of the Sun in Mars, Venus or Saturn, or on the lunar calendar, that is what we know today based on the trend of the Moon as a satellite with the sun and the other planets and constellations.

But astrology is also connected with religions and mysticism. The ancient Romans, pagans venerated the “gods” who from Mars, to Jupiter, to Neptune decided the course of the Republic, the same for the course of life in the Maya and Aztec villages and temples.

But there’s more: The populations who worshiped the stars dedicated all aspects of their lives, even making macabre tributes in the name of the astral conjunction that was above their heads at that time.

We all have in mind, even if only having read them in school books, the rituals of veneration through the killing of children, women or prisoners by both the Maya and the Ancient Romans.

Now, leaving out the aspect of the divination cult, almost all the choices that man has made have been based on the stars, and making a parallel with the current world, on December 21st we passed from the Aquarian era to that of Pisces in which Covid is just one of the changes taking place, the social, economic, health and tourism system is changing, as are the interactions between people.

As for the religious aspect, many both on the side of Christians and Hindus speak of an “end of time”, that is, of a world that ends and another begins, exactly like the passage from one era to another. another one.

Apocalypse of St. John, Kali Yuga, have in common the beginning of a dark age that will see, and how we are seeing humanity suffering and in great difficulty.

Analyzing problems, developing strategies, resisting and being reborn, this is the task of humanity also thanks above all to astrology.

Go back to coloring to rediscover the essence of being a child

In our monochromatic world today, going back to writing with pen and paper, I’m doing a blog now, with a pencil it leaves an imprint of our thoughts, memories, lost or elusive moments lived with joy, pain, anxiety or trepidation.

“Going back to coloring” for me is not just an expression of circumstance, but it really represents the meaning of this moment. We can color our days, carving out a moment for us in the afternoon or evening, or on weekends where we can take pen paper or pastel colors and create that repressed imagination, maybe photograph it and remember these moments through that photo.

To rediscover ourselves, however, we must really do an incredible mental work, I would say a quantum leap, that is to think a little like a child thinks, or maybe our son or grandson, and the first thing is to turn off the TV, take some colors, paper and then draw with him or her the world he imagines.

Spend hours there maybe joking about how dad or mom badly drew that cow, which more than anything else looks like a monkey, or how the sky is not very blue and looks more like a soap bubble.

It is also necessary to go back to getting your hands dirty, with tempera, watercolors, splashing everywhere and smearing without getting angry as our mother did when we dirty the whole table.

It seems like a trivial or childish thing, but it is also the first step to find that balance with ourselves and with our family by taking that path that also leads us to open the drawers of our childhood memories and color them again to rekindle this off. world today.

Personally it is a path that months ago I embarked on, dedicating one or two hours a week creating with paper and pen everything that comes to mind, or making a list of words that I think and that I write a bit as if it were a mural. .

But basically what do I care about dirtying, I’m going back to coloring.

Pet Therapy: The treatment of many diseases, including covid.

Pet Therapy, this English slang (to indicate as we say), the adoption of an animal was certainly one of the most positive notes of this current dramatic moment.

It is not just a matter of giving a better life to an animal, but of giving and receiving love and empathy that in reality the human species is losing, and finding it sincere, without anything in return in our animals, which in this period make us a lot of company, and who see us smile when a day is “yes”, and cry when this is definitely “no”.

The decision to adopt an animal certainly brings a lot of joy to children who are the most affected category together with the elderly, especially psychologically and with whom they build a relationship of friendship from an early age and who in part also fill the lack of not being able to play with children. their little friends.

Now that it is, a cat, a dog, a rabbit, it does not matter, it is certainly one of the best treatments for many diseases of the heart of the soul and especially Covid.

What if all this leads to a new Renaissance?

What if all of this led to a new Renaissance? Ok I tell you mine.

I start from the premise, reconnecting to the strands of “Possible Scenarios” both (man and woman), and in the short future, more time to devote to children, home and gardening tasks.

I dwelled on this point the last time, saying that many families would have opted for a residence in the countryside to enjoy greenery and more freedom for their children.

Now let’s make a hypothesis: Let’s imagine that wooded areas begin to inhabit people tired of colorful areas, city stress, pollution, anxiety and so on and so forth.

This, however, involves the transformation of rural areas, into greenery and housing, where people, naturally driven by the curiosity to know each other, help each other, where there is Mrs. Giovanna who prepares the pasta, Francesca who entertains the children, Michele who hoe and cultivate the vegetable garden, recreating a kind of “post-Renaissance” community (but with the addition of the Internet and teleworking), creating that unicuum that unites a pre-industrial era, with a post capitalist one, also transmitting those values ​​such as care for others, for the earth, for animals, but without forgetting the progress that the Internet has undoubtedly brought up to now. This in my opinion will be the New Humanism.

Masaru Hemoto: Informed water as a means of transmission

It is said that great discoveries always come from the land of the Rising Sun, and indeed it is.

Professor Masaru Hemoto, you discovered years ago that water is not only a liquid, colorless, tasteless, odorless substance rich in beneficial properties for the life of every living species, but it is a fantastic means of transmitting data, but not intended in an algorithmic sense as well as a form of processing through the binary code “01”.

No much more. In fact, in his research he discovered that by half-filling the glass goblets with water and saying a word of a different mood in front of each glass of water, under the microscope, the composition of the crystals changed, just like when we receive a stimulus and we respond by action – reaction.

But how did you come to this conclusion? Through the frequencies.

Brief review: every time we, while speaking, emit notes that together make up, syllables and therefore words, our vocal cords vibrating emanate a resonance frequency of different intensity of tens of Hz.

This concept used with a “keywords” (a word that arouses a mood) such as the word “anger” if said in front of a glass of water by resonance frequency is perceived by the water molecules which change the internal form of the crystals, proving not only to be an extraordinary means of “transmission” and “reception” of data, but to possess its own “intelligence” capable of perceiving moods through the frequency of speech.

An incredible discovery!

For about 40 years now, we have been moving more and more towards an asynchronous, rapid, fast, brutal, perfect and almost never imperfect form of mind of data transmission like that of the machine language of microchips.

But do these chips have a limit now? They fail to know what a state of mind is and not even an emotion, because basically no one knows what an emotion is like.

And therefore for me the real method of transmission is not silicon, it is water.

The alliance that will guide the new world: BRICS

BRICS (it is the acronym of Brazil – Russia – India – China – South Africa), that is the economic, political, food, military, tourism, and above all geopolitical union, which these 5 countries established years ago, and which today sees above all in Russia (leader as a military power and natural resources, such as gas, methane and various oil pipelines) and China (the world superpower by now a leader in technology), the two leaders of this common front that centers in India (the overwhelming agricultural labor and food production , medicines and pocket technology), and in Brazil (the largest forest reserve on the planet) and South Africa (bridge between Asia and South America).

Having said this, I believe that this front especially the Russia – China axis is the dominant one in the decades to come, and that these 5 countries are destined to increase jobs, labor force, GDP, all helped by that capitalism that gives us, it is greeting us forever and that it moves towards these new routes and enriches these states to taste the sparkle of consumerism that we have had until a few years ago.

Is there a possibility for Europe to counteract this total alliance? I currently believe not, and indeed, I think it is time to take the glue, glue the broken pieces of the vase, reflect and understand how at the production level we can at least return to an equal level in the next 20 years.

One thing that unites these states, is above all the firm conviction of their political and economic choices made.

“No, we don’t change our minds, we don’t go back whatever it takes!”.

This is the common answer that for better or for worse, no matter if they are too capitalist, neoliberal, communist, sovereign and which is not up to me to give a judgment, the relevant aspect is precisely the idea, security and stubbornness. taken in the choices from which not even a pandemic has made them creak.

And this in my opinion is their main strength, and our downside.

Possible Scenarios: Down the Internet for three days

In this new pill of “Possible Scenarios”, I am going to analyze a scenario that today to say impossible is crazy, but which I would say very plausible, and it is the: Down the internet for three days.

Imagine a current society like ours, where 70 percent of our time we all spend connected to the Internet, for leisure, play, study, work, entertainment. Do you think that out of the blue maybe around 10 in the morning the whole national Internet network collapses, both mobile and fixed. This would lead to the following scenarios:

Absolute panic for the lack of telephone network and inability to communicate
Absolute panic due to the lack of connection for online study and work (e.g. school and banks)
Absolute panic for the impossibility of being able to withdraw money at the various ATMs
Absolute panic both with regard to payments from the food network (automatic checkouts are blocked)
Following anxiety, and anger at not being able to buy goods and therefore subsequent inconvenience and theft
In short, I have listed only 4 but there would be many more. The impact on our society would be almost “Zombie Apocalypse” and would take us back at least 160 years. So the question arises:

Should you be prepared for this moment? I would say yes, but calmly do not be too alarmed, but maybe make a small supply of essential food, water, for those who can a power generator, or the lucky ones who already have them, solar panels. We also consider the downtime of pharmacies and service stations, maybe having two tanks of diesel does not hurt, as well as having extra boxes of drugs, perhaps if they could be borrowed they would be useful.

Even owning small gold coins could give some families respite and use them as a bargaining chip, perhaps to buy, for example, a gas cylinder for cooking, if the block were to exceed three days.

I don’t want to be a catastrophist, but on the other hand the world is moving towards a digital life and such inconveniences could happen perhaps more frequently than any human virus.

Possible Scenarios: Work and family of the woman of the future

Possible Scenarios: Work and family of the woman of the future.

So I start my corner of reflections on the future of the world, and today I take into consideration a pivotal figure in my opinion, namely, the woman.

Nowadays we have the idea of ​​women as a unicum, a “multitasking” figure, who delights between the various stages of her life as a professional, mother and sister.

But what will her future be? Let’s imagine a scenario that goes from 2021 to 2025, in which the figure of women will be increasingly pushed towards digital jobs, as indeed the digital economy wants with its fourth industrial revolution, and we already have a taste of it today with the “Smart Working “.

The woman of the future will carry out fewer and fewer manual tasks, to direct and specialize in online jobs performed from home such as graphics, personal shoppers, telemedicine, an expert in the development of machine learning, or artificial intelligence (AI).

Her placement in the family environment will be, let’s say special, that is, she will dedicate equal time to both family and work, and this thanks also to continuous development of technology that will help her through software to save precious time.

Ok all very nice, and the negatives? There are, of course there are.

First of all today not only many in proportion the professional figures described above by women in Italy. Secondly, those who work in telework today, found themselves catapulted out of the blue at home with maybe her children, which caused lockdowns they could not go to school.

A solution implemented by many women has been to hire a nanny, even half a day to be with the children while she, in the room next to her, did her work.

Another solution, which many are already taking, but I would say more a family solution, is to leave the city apartment to find a house in the countryside with a small garden where the children can play, perhaps in the company of the nanny. .

I believe that we will see more and more in the future the affirmation of women especially as a high-profile working figure, perhaps much more than men, thanks to her innate resourcefulness.

Possible Scenarios: Work and family of the man of the future!

After outlining what in my opinion the future developments in the workplace and family of women are, today I am reflecting on the figure of the man.

The current, modern man is a concentrate of skills, or as the Americans call them “skills”, many of which are dedicated to “prolelm solving”.

In my opinion, this figure, that of the problem solver, will be one of the predominant employment figures in the future. We Italians have an innate ability to solve even daily problems, and this figure in the digital economy will increasingly be required, especially in those areas of programming, machine learning, video editing, file processing and remote printing. with the future use of 3d printers as a new production process.

In short, modern man will not only be able to “learn” and “repair” any errors of his own or of others, but he will develop new solutions and strategies to improve either the production process, or the transmission of data.

But do me the favor! Totò would say in front of a technical language, almost like a supercazzola. But in reality he would be partly right because in any case many people will find it difficult to face this world, but others will be exactly the professional figures I mentioned above.

In the family environment, the future man, as well as the woman, can devote more hours to his children, and perhaps moving with his whole family to a country house with a garden, perhaps carving out some space for gardening from do with their children and pass on as a value to future generations. The marked difference that I see between the “male” and “female” figure in the future will be employment, as the man will be pushed more and more to solve problems in the sector of blockchain development and Artificial Intelligence (AI) programming, while the donna will be increasingly pushed to create online groups on the various Zoom, Streamyard platforms to implement new forms of attack on the Digital Marketing sector.

Music Therapy: When frequencies become beneficial for us

Since time immemorial, man has associated with sounds, transformed into instruments that emit different frequencies that resonate as beneficial.

This is the case of music, that is a set of sounds and frequencies that resonate in our ear and in our brain (in particular it is concentrated in the hypothalamus), a cerebral area very inside, but which is set in motion especially when it receives external stimuli.

From the times of the ancient Romans and Greeks, with the lyre, passing through the current African tribes who use the bongo, music also represents a set of peoples, and therefore of different cultures.

With the advent of digitization much of that cult in the Western world has been lost, leaving room for the habit of “downloadable content” in different formats and different qualities.

An exceptional digitally speaking product, perfect, clean, but cold, which today has only partially filled the gaps of people, who find in a pair of headphones and an audio streaming a moment of solitude in which to break away from the madness of this world.

But returning to us, music, sorry, musical instruments, are very often used as real beneficial therapeutic tools, especially in the field of psycho-sound work, as for example when you work in groups of people with disabilities, you he studies and lets each of them use a tool, stimulating their attention.

There are countless scientific studies that note that the use of “music therapy” greatly improves the logical processes of anxiety, depression, stress, autism, senile dementia, permanent brain damage.

Not long ago he discovered the relaxing effects of music at 432 and 528 Hz, which combined with a general relaxation of the body, makes me happy and not just sleep.

I can’t tell you with scientific certainty if such music really brings benefits even at the level of cellular DNA repair, or if there is a “correlation” between the two, but I can testify that it actually relaxes me.

So you recommend trying music therapy at least once?

Of course yes, obviously first you need to focus on the “focus” of what kind of music you want to choose and evaluate if we need an adrenaline rush, or a dose of relaxation.

Comfort Zone: Stay inside or look for new opportunities

COMFORT ZONE: Or simply “comfort zone”, often in this period we have heard these words, but what does it mean?

Personally I believe that it is that part of our brain that brings together in a unicum of benevolent and non-benevolent situations, in which one feels in limbo, between staying there and therefore (therefore being conscious and aware of one’s abilities) and abandoning it, perhaps because driven by a mix of curiosity, fatigue, anxiety and depression.

But above all who does it concern? I think it is very subjective, but in any case it mainly concerns the “slice” of the population that goes from 20 to 45 years, in which there is that mix between fear and desire to change, then over the years, I think it reaches a state of acceptance of things, even through a real middle-aged balance and you stay there where you are sure you are, for better or for worse.

Sometimes it is not easy to make a decision, right now that uncertainty reigns, and that the fear of taking a step longer than the leg might cost us even the derision of our loved ones.

So what to do? I don’t have a magic wand, but I’ll tell you about me, about my experience.

Driven by the desire to get out of this “area”, and then acknowledged that I have nothing to lose, indeed, a lot to learn, I signed up on this platform and started writing what I think without having the trouble of being who knows who. Later I also opened my personal corner, but it can be shared by anyone who wants to discover my world, my blog, where I take continuous steps to get out of this COMFORT ZONE.

There will be those who instead of the blog, will open a cooking site because they love to cook, or a channel on Youtube, who will do it for sewing, who for acting, who because they want to reinvent themselves from scratch, a bit like I do me, but for sure more and more people leave this “comfort zone” to land in the typical lands of the film “The Hobbit”, but a bit like the protagonist Bibbo Baggins, our sapiens curiosity will take us to new worlds.

Do it yourself – Bricolage – Decoupage: What will their future be?

Today I want to reconnect to the articles I wrote days ago on the “Digital Economy”, how it will be and what its developments will be.

Now, that an economy based on the Internet, and less on human contact, is becoming more and more advanced, a good way to not die, and therefore reinventing oneself is either to open a site, perhaps a blog that has a very low cost, or to rely on to “applications” (better to say online companies), such as “Etsy”, which makes do-it-yourself, decoupage, and manufacturing the strong point of its online commerce.

It vaguely recalls an Amazon store but based on “do it yourself”, which however creates interest, a good chance not only of earning, but also an important showcase, because however you want or don’t want this will be the “new economy”.

My thoughts are above all aimed at those activities that are really well organized but lack their own website and or sales platform. Of course it is always a large company, and I do not advertise or praise it, but in order not to die and continue living, even in a low and medium range “supply chain”, in my opinion it can be an excellent alternative Now.

Creating content: Politically correct or politically incorrect?

Yes, nice question: Create content that annoys, or keep that balance between “I would like but I can not”?

Personally I have never asked myself the question of “correct or incorrect”, more than anything else I always think about what content to look for, how to describe it, trying to be as trivial as possible.

It can be done? I believe that it is possible, or rather, my way of thinking, acting and (in this case writing), leads me to reflect on the “future folds” of our lives, not only starting from the political or health field.

And therefore, having made this premise, in my mind I think of a topic that may interest everyone, at least a good part of society, and then I create “hyper-textual connections”, yes exactly, like those that were made at the time of middle and high schools.

But not only that, then once I have worked out the idea, I take a pen and paper and transcribe my connections by hand, filling the desk with papers, it doesn’t even seem like the editorial staff of a newspaper.

Another question arises: Do you often post articles because sooner or later you want to monetize?

No, that’s not my goal, much less that of my blog. But more than anything else, it serves as both a personal space and free ideas from me and new users, why not maybe to meet new people.

So, to summarize better “politically correct or incorrect?

Better spaghetti or carbonara ?, I don’t know, but I believe that the important thing is creativity, only that counts.

Personal consideration: We need to find EMPATHY!

Understanding, imagining, feeling the other, now in this distant society, has become increasingly difficult, especially “imagining” what the person feels, what he feels, or thinks on the other side.

Recreating a “connection” that is not just data (transmitted and received), but is made up of emotions, even contrasting ones, is human, is what we need now.

Right now, a year has passed, even before the money, the already precarious work, and all the rest, we must find our EMPATHY!

Trying to listen to yourself and the other by not forcing your hand with words that are too heavy when our she or he does not feel like talking, is a good way to be close to him and make him feel our presence, even if it is not physically. .

Yes ok, many nice words, but what do you suggest?

Having made the necessary premise that I am neither a therapist nor a doctor, I personally wake up every day and “inside of me”, even though I know that I have to face yet another difficult day, I wonder even for just 3 or 5 minutes , what can I do to improve my day, how can I be of help to others, how to behave if today a friend or relative asks me to let off steam, and above all not to rage at the energetic, alchemical “level” with people or situations already “Limit”, more properly “borderline”.

Rediscovering one’s traditions means finding oneself again

It is essential in this period of chaos and stress to find a balance, moments of relaxation and pleasure.

Among these surely (and above all for us Italians), to rediscover one’s roots through activities that remind us of our origins, not only Italian, but men and women belonging to that particular territory, through traditions, such as making biscuits, or collecting a different types of mushrooms, they are certainly relaxing and relaxing activities, but there is more:

It is not just “action” per se, but actually represents the “sweet” or “melancholic” memory of our life, perhaps learned through a relative (grandfather or parent), which gives us a moment of joy or melancholy.

And it is precisely the “psychic” aspect that characterizes these actions. In the meantime we knead the water and flour, and roll out the dough or let the bread rise, we remember our grandmother, who maybe early in the morning instead of showing us cartoons or TV series, she told us to “play” with her making pizza molds or making the bread balls as if we were playing with pongo.

Sure it’s true, I get a strong lump in my throat, a moment of melancholy, but it represents what I am.

This example of mine is not only the memory of a boy who is now almost thirty years old, but the reliving of an emotion that has never subsided, because even before objects, travels, consumption, we are made up of emotions, and they are the ones that make us unique, also thanks to traditions.

Eros and pleasure: How the perception of both changes

An aspect that is not dealt with in this period is certainly the “sphere” concerning the “erotic” and “passionate” sphere of each person.

Far be it from me, to give a medical judgment, I am not and I would never allow myself, but I can give my point of view.

What I have been able to notice both about myself, and in particular about the “psycho-physical” aspect of couples, is that today in this particular situation we find ourselves “discovering” a “different” Eros, that is, maybe not much in reality from the past, and let me explain better.

We all have Eros in “mind” this divinity who deals with carnal pleasure, but we have well discovered that this is not always the case.

Very often, we really feel sensorially pleasure even for a particular food consumed, and the classic #ashtag (foodporn) comes to mind, precisely to emphasize that extra sensorial combination described above. I believe that this is precisely one of the elements of this new (not always positive) vision of the rediscovery of eros, and also of pleasure no longer seen only with sexual intercourse, which in the past we had the perception almost as a routine, and which today it is lived partly with anxiety, but on the other with a strong physical transport, enjoying and savoring every inch of the partner.

So is it a “progress” or a “regress” of Eros?

Certainly it has not made progress, on the contrary, but when this meets a sincere state of relaxation it is experienced as the most unique experience in the world.

Because if there is one thing that I have understood from this turbulent period, it is that everything simple becomes HOT as soon as it is rediscovered.

How difficult is it to keep a balance today?

It is known that for more than 20 years our lives have lived “exactly” like a “tightrope walker” who, on a thread between “genius and fools”, tries to maintain the right balance.

In everyday life, however, this balance (even before the covid) was very precarious, especially here in Italy.

The many working hours in the face of a low pay, the stress of a hectic life based on consumption, have led many people to “bornout”, a situation that has become even more complicated with this situation.

Last year we experienced what it means to lose our “usual” routine, maybe even finding the whole family at home and where the days all seemed the same.

The many working hours in the face of a low pay, the stress of a hectic life based on consumption, have led many people to “bornout”, a situation that has become even more complicated with this situation.

Last year we experienced what it means to lose our “usual” routine, maybe even finding the whole family at home and where the days all seemed the same.

The human mind, always led to the search for new stimuli, was looking for new forms of “aggregation at a distance”, how can we forget the famous “challenges” on those who did squats or bench press in the shortest possible time, or who had the most beautiful, or even to whom he made the best dessert.

Now we come to us. A year has now passed and many people, also thanks to the lack of work, can no longer find the right balance.

Yes ok so how did you do it? Personally, since April I have dedicated myself to the pleasure of rediscovering nature and the little things, like maybe cultivating the land, lending a hand to a friend, maybe taking the shopping to an elderly woman in difficulty, they certainly make me feel good and feel that sense of peace that I have lost for so many months.

My advice is: dedicate time to what you thought was taken for granted before, such as nature.

Ok, but what if I live in the city, in a building? I have always thought that maybe doing charity through the many associations in Italy is not only useful but also “beneficial” to the body and soul. Here maybe join some volunteers who do solidarity shopping, to be distributed, why not, even within your scale is not a “bad” idea at all, certainly much better than lounging on the sofa eating crap watching yet another episode of the tv series.

Extraterrestrials: In less than 180 days the final documents

In this incredible period, certainly many (but fortunately not all), the news escaped that, through one of the last executive orders from President-in-office Donald Trump, he signed a document that within 180 days (and this document dates back to the last January), the complete “release” or “declassification” by both the Pentagon and the CIA of the “documents” considered “top secret” by the United States government in respect of all those studies and sightings that emerged and made in many years.

There are many stories of sightings of “flying saucers” and “unidentified objects” by ordinary people or perhaps by pilots of both military and civilian aircraft.

But this news is sensational!

Because even if as I think we will never really know the truth, the admission that there have been in the past, or that there are still non-terrestrial entities present on our planet would forever change our vision of life, even more than covid.

From the paintings and drawings of the ancient Egyptians, to the Nazi spacecraft, passing through the dropped spacecraft in Roswell, up to the creation of the famous secret base “AREA 51”, the veil of mystery and curiosity about extra dimensional contacts has always fascinated a large slice of people , whether they are alleged ufologists, bar conspiracy theorists, conspiracy theorists or just curious.

Reptilians, Annunaki, Pleiadians, Andromedians, there are many stories about alien “various races” too.

Another aspect that has always linked aliens is their experiments or presumed such, through “alien abductions” or called in jargon ABDUCTION, of which also in this case there are scattered around the world with hundreds of thousands of documents and testimonies

There would be many topics to be addressed, of which however I am not an expert, but only a curious character who is waiting to know how this fascinating story ends.

Modern Dilemma: Does it still make sense to have a degree?

For days now I have been asking myself this question: Does it still make sense to have a degree? And above all which one?

Let’s start with the first question: Instinctively I would immediately say “no”, but it is also true that with digitization in progress, perhaps many faculties can reinvent themselves from scratch, perhaps by opening a channel on YouTube and recording videos to be uploaded as a “mirror for the larks “.

Let’s take an example: I have a degree in philosophy and I can’t find a job outlet. Ok I think, I take my time, and then I conclude by recording videos maybe about Hegel, Plato and opening a series. I can get help from a graphic friend, or maybe ask an expert for help to make me cover the videos

Let’s take another example: I am a personal trainer, and now, apart from the “small groups” on the outside, I can’t work. Ok I start from scratch, only with my mobile, I record videos and always upload them to YouTube, and whatever they say it remains the largest streaming platform in the world.

As for the “degrees” that they actually will have and already have today, a future and a job I have talked about in several articles without me dwelling again.

But not only can almost all the notions of the degrees be brought online, but there are already other professions that are adapting, and maybe the nail technicians come to mind, which in addition to their Instagram pages, many are already opening channels on YouTube, perhaps starting to make videos on “microblanding” and then to sell and see in the form of a subscription to the channel.

Now, however, as I myself am experiencing that there are other platforms such as Rumble, Vimeo, Bitchute that not only offer more spaces of freedom (maybe in the future they will be the new enclosures), and that give the possibility of starting new jobs from scratch.

My curiosity always pushes me to look for new solutions, and this is what I wish for all of you.

Before Sleep: What are your habits before going to sleep?

Interest, curiosity or gossip. Yet it is so, we all have “routines” before going to bed.

Especially in this period, we have found old and experienced others. I know, nasty niggers, that you are reading this article and immediately think about sex, and instead I am discovering more and more that people want to discover new habits.

Skin Care, Relaxing and organic detox teas, a lit cigarette or a cigar, a jog, or maybe someone who takes care of the accumulated chores of the day before.

Many of us are dedicated to videogame activities, shooting one TV series after another or gaming tournaments from a pc or playstation, or those who dedicate themselves to teleworking such as online marketing or those who follow the various zoom video calls.

Then there is a small part like me, who is dedicated to the activity of “open mind” that reads books of any kind, (I personally don’t read the fantasy genre very much) of which I’m not very crazy, but it certainly stimulates the mind for those who love the genre.

Then there are those who may have a more nostalgic side, that is, who may have a friend or relative on the other side of the world and then set a time by dedicating themselves to a video call on Skype to hear how they are.

There is a good part that is dedicated to board games such as Risiko, or perhaps those who “rediscover” the pleasure of “Names, Things and Cities” or even those who play with the legendary Pongo with their son.

My question that I ask you is: What are your habits before going to sleep?

Prove di immortalità: Entro il 2030 i nanorobot inseriti nel corpo

It sounds like a utopia, but this period is teaching us that nothing (for better or for worse) is impossible.

Just as it is the myth of “eternal youth” and “immortality” which has always been pursued by the ancient noble class and the financial top class of today.

But with today’s technological development is it possible to get to experience all this?

The answer is yes. And in fact there are now numerous publications in the medical field today and in the past. A few days ago, the medical journal Science released an article which talks about the use by 2030 of a subcutaneous, injectable technology based on the use of nanorobots.

Yes ok but what are the “nanorobots”? They are precisely robots that have shrunk 9 times the size of a centimeter, which like a “football team” work at the same time to break down a harmful cell (such as cancer cells) or to rebuild or encourage the construction of new ones (such as for example stem cells).

Surely some expert or doctor will laugh at this description, but mine is not the presumption of an all-rounder and far be it from me, but only great curiosity.

Of course, there are those who believe that an incorrect use of this technology can instead cure, perhaps “induce” death through the replication of those harmful cells, perhaps favoring the speed of replication.

It is certain that we will discover much more in the coming years, when this technology (also given the current economic crisis) is really only within the reach of very few billionaires in the world, and it will certainly be within the reach of us poor mere mortals after 2030. .

There are those who think that this technology is just a way to emulate or push to the maximum the recipe of eternal youth, trying to eliminate the aging process and therefore “not accepting” the fact that there is an inexorable “passing of the years” and with it the slowing down of the cell regeneration process.

Personally my idea is that on the one hand I am fascinated by the idea that there is a technology that can at least cure or stop very bad diseases in the bud, but the idea of ​​having movable components inside my body leaves me to the extent perplexed. I am not a lover of the myth of eternal youth, but the idea that I can live longer than my parents and above all in health would please me.

The use of nanorobots does not stop only in the medical field, but also in the economic one. For about a year there has been talk of a project to insert a subcutaneous microchip to develop an electronic money with a wallet (wallet) perfectly integrated in the “Digital Economy” and “Cashless Company” (in this regard, I invite you to read my past articles ).

Logically these new technologies as well as water in the future (I will write an article about them shortly), will certainly be the subject of financial speculation and wars of all kinds to grab the best technology at the lowest price.

All this discourse, however, represents an element of “rupture” with the current and past world we have lived, and which for better or for worse will change us forever.

Romance: You have been asymptomatic for about a year

How can you be romantic in such a situation? Good question, but let’s try to answer it.

For about a year this absurd situation has been changing every area of ​​our lives. A changed aspect is certainly that of love relationships (and by amorous I don’t mean only those of married couples or cohabiting), but of love at 360 degrees.

Globalization, the super-technological thrust, the stress of a life that until last year was practically so rapid, almost to feel on a “razor blade” have led to transforming romanticism in an always marginal area, many times reaching ” remind us “of our partner only in the presence of an anniversary.

I know, mine is an ugly and strong sentence, but both current and previous times have also led to a deterioration in “the attention given and received towards the other”. Many times we have filled ourselves with training courses, in the gym, online for gaming, shot hours of TV series and perhaps, we have forgotten what is really important.

But no, it’s not just our fault. Everything that is provided to us leads us through stimuli, out of the perspective of paying too much attention to those we love, indeed many times dedicating less time to them than our smartphone.

When I wrote in previous articles that “it was time for a change”, I also meant this aspect. We dedicate time to what is not only material, but sends us something that machines do not offer: emotion.

They, because a silicon implant, however perfect and well developed, does not recognize an emotion, because in the end, nobody knows what an emotion is.

A written note left on the bedside table or on the kitchen table as soon as you wake up, breakfast brought to bed, or simply doing and sharing the housework, are not only “factors of change” in my opinion of “gigantic” scope, but they also recreate that healthy romance, which we had lost and which was certainly not that of the 1000 euro ring on Valentine’s Day.


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